What is Weaponeye™ ? Technology with a purpose. Weaponeye™ was carefully engineered to give responsible firearm owners the ability to record situations that require their firearm to be withdrawn.
Why would I want Weaponeye™ ? The freedom of many civilians has been challenged and/or compromised due to lack of evidence or witness. Therefore; have a witness with you at all time. Weaponeye™ is also proven to be effective in training environment and recreational events.
Does Weaponeye™ offer a warranty? Yes, a one (1) year limited warranty is offered immediately from the time of purchase.
Will Weaponeye™ offer other pistol, revolver and rifle models? Yes, we are currently engineering for Smith & Wesson (M&P), AR-15 platform and other handgun models.
Is Weaponeye made in the US? Yes, it is made in the US with imported components.
Can weaponeye be exportYes, Weaponeye can be exported where it is not prohibited by US government.
How I claim the warranty?Please download the request for warranty form, from https://weaponeye.com/Weaponeye-Request-for-Warranty.aspx, and follow the directions.
Where can I buy it?It can be bought from one of the dealers posted on weaponeye.com/dealers.aspx or Amazon
Any advice for an inside or outside carry holster for the glock 23 with weaponeye? Thank you and appreciate it.Houston RPC Paddle Plastic Holster-Stationary & Rotative System - Cost $20.00
Do you have a direct seller's presence on Amazon or eBay?We don't do direct sells on Amazon or Ebay but, we do have presence on Amazon and Ebay through our dealers.


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